Saturday, December 15, 2012

Longing for Spring

"Spring Has Sprung" Wood And Copper Wrapped Ring - $9.00 from Pointy Snout Oddities on Etsy

Today is a gray, dreary day in Southeastern Ohio and I hardly want to get out of bed to do anything. It's hard to even get in the spirit of the holidays. Our tree isn't up, the lights haven't been hung, the stockings are still packed in storage and it's a balmy 50 degrees outside.

50 degrees! In the middle of December! The weather has me longing for spring, even though the winter Solstice hasn't even gotten here yet. I've chosen today to showcase my "Spring has Sprung" wire-wrapped ring just because I'm feeling exceptionally out of season.

The piece was created out of pink-colored copper wire and a green wooden bead. The wire was my own, but the bead came from my Almost-Sister-in-Law's stash while I was visiting them a few weeks ago. The combination of pink and green always reminds me of spring - pink flowers, green grass and the freshness of the colors just screams "the world is waking up!" to me.

Today's agenda includes cleaning up my work space a little, getting some more holiday crafting done and focusing on new products and ideas for the Pointy Snout Oddities store. I'm thinking it's time to start working on red, pink and white designs for Valentine's Day.

What do you like to work on when the weather is horrible but warm? What about when you're longing for spring in the depths of winter?

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