Monday, December 17, 2012

5 Ways to Incorporate Wire Wrapped Jewelry Into Your Wardrobe

Brown Tonal Spirals Copper Wrapped Ring - $10 from PointySnoutOddities

I'll let you in on a secret - I shied away from wire wrapped jewelry for a long time. I thought it was too discordant, too organic and too out of touch with my style to wear. But I changed my mind. It's possible to incorporate wire-wrapped jewelry into almost any outfit and not have it overtake your personal sense of style.

1. Go Plain. 
Let the jewelry be the focal point of your outfit. Don't put on too many other accessories with the piece. Similarly, don't let the details of your outfit - wild prints, outrageous buttons or ostentatious cuts and lines - overtake the simple elegance of the piece. For example, were I to wear the ring shown above, I'd keep the sleeves of my shirt simple - no lace, no fancy edgings, no bell sleeves (okay, I might wear bell sleeves with this one to make me feel like a princess of yore!). I'd keep away from bracelets and maybe only wear one or two other rings on the hand that isn't sporting this piece. Too much visual jumble going on at once is a design disaster. Let the ring take center stage. 

2. Don't Wait for an Excuse - Make One.
One of the reasons I stayed away from wire wrapped jewelry is that I feared I'd never have an occasion to wear it. I'm not the sort to frequent hippie music festivals and I've got an active everyday life that involves work, taking care of my daughter and dealing with a whole zoo of animals. Who dresses up for that? Well, sometimes adding a little sparkle to your outfit even when you aren't doing anything can make your entire day feel special. Wear those shoulder-grazing earrings with pride! You've earned a little luxury and beauty in your everyday life.

3. Dress it up!
Another reason I shied away from wire wrapped jewelry at first is because I thought it was all too casual for a proper outing or business-like setting (the only places I really go.) But this simply isn't the case. Choose a subdued wrap to go with your outfit. Pick out small earrings that have a wire-wrapped bail for small stones in a color that coordinates with your outfit. Augment a business suit with a small rosette style ring made entirely of wire. With wire available in so many colors and hues these days, it's possible to find something wrapped in navy blue to match your best business suit or any of the tried and true neutral metals (gold, silver, copper, bronze) to complement a wide range of outfits. 

4. Pick a Piece to Match YOUR style. 
I'm a tried and true goth girl. I've got  purple, pink and black hair. 99% of my clothing is black. I prefer spikes and studs to jewels and glitz. That's why I've created wraps to appeal to different demographics. My "Vampire Bite" wrapped ring is certainly more gothy than most wire wrap creations found on Etsy, or anywhere else for that matter. My other creations are equally as varied. Look for something that suits your style instead of compromising your style to suit the ring. Can't find anything? Drop us a line and let us know what you've got in mind and we can create something to suit YOUR ideas.

5. Wear Your Jewelry in Unconventional Ways.
Rings aren't just for ring fingers. Stick a wire wrapped ring onto your thumb or pinky to instantly change the feel of the piece. Placing it on the thumb can make it feel more casual, while sticking it on your pinky can make you feel like you're going to a special cocktail or tea party. Love the wire-wrapped necklace but think it's a little too much for around your neck? Coil the chain up behind a large pin back and use it as a brooch. Earrings weren't flattering for your face shape or complexion? Coil your hair up into a fancy updo and use them as hair ornaments to hide bobby pins. When wire wrapped jewelry can pull double duty, you'll feel like your money was more than well spent and that you've got a versatile piece.

What are some of your favorite ways to wear wire wrapped jewelry? Do you have a favorite piece that pulls double duty with multiple outfits? Or perhaps a beloved wrap that never leaves your body? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you!

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